The Come Up - Nicasso Calzado Customs (NCC):

My curiosity, creativity and passion for sneakers is what led to the creation of Nicasso Calzado Customs in 2017 ("Nicasso" came from a combination of my name, Nicholas and the artist Picasso, plus "Calzado" Spanish for footwear, I don't actually know Spanish well but I thought it sounded ill, you know? Anyways...). Approaching my 17th birthday I remember wanting custom Jordan's and somehow that led to me ordering leather paint and art supplies to try customizing my Nike's, this was just out of wondering how they would turn out I had no real intention of taking it further at the time let alone thinking I could, 20 now and thankfully I have. NCC was officially launched on the 25th of June in 2018 and I'm real grateful to witness the growth it's had since then.

The Mission - Nicasso Calzado Customs (NCC):

NCC aims to provide unique custom footwear and accessories. Putting soles (shoes/slides) on a wave of their own while delivering lasting quality and a vision paralyzing appeal. Whether painting a pair of shoes new off the shelves of Foot Locker or from the back of your closet, the mission is ultimately to bring designs to life that make you stand out any time you step out in NCC customs.

Thank you for your interest in NCC, and stay safe!

 - Nicholas Wilson of Nicasso Calzado Customs